General conditions for long ride

Article 1

Unless otherwise specified, all prices are stated and payable in Canadian dollars ( CAD ) . The values expressed in euro shall be calculated as an indication by applying an average rate and the Canadian dollar remains the single currency pricing and payment . All our tours and packages take effect and start over Canadian territory and are subject to the laws in force in Canada and more specifically to those applicable in the province of Quebec . Customer is responsible for transporting their place of residence to the airport in Quebec or Montreal and back. It must ensure that air travel can choose his schedule adherence care initially set by Sécuritour . In case of delay at the airport requiring the modification of the initial management or the establishment of a new supported by Sécuritour or service of their choice, the Customer agrees to bear the financial burden.

Article 2

Registration for a stay or package involves the Client ‘s acceptance of these terms of sale . All registrations are final only after a deposit representing 60% of total stay or package . The balance must be later than 30 days before the departure date.

In the case of bookings made 30 days before departure, the full amount must be paid at registration. The amounts are payable by international transfer (or equivalent) on the Sécuritour trust account opened at the Caisse Desjardins du Sud de la Chaudière, CFE Desjardins Boiler South St -Georges, Beauce, Quebec. Transfer fees are payable by the Client. The receipt of the deposit of 30 % results in sending a receipt. After receipt of the balance , and within 20 days , an invoice is sent to the Client .

Warning: In the case of payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard ) , additional fees may be charged .

Article 3

All prices are net, per person , including all taxes , double the basic hotel room. Gratuities and alcoholic beverages served with meals included in package stays and are not included . Any benefit or additional services not included in the descriptions of our stays or packages is the sole responsibility of the Customer who agrees to pay the cash payment. In the event of a sharp rise in gasoline prices , Sécuritour reserves the right to change prices without this change could not be applied to already booked trips for which the deposit of 30 % of total stay or package has been received.

Article 4

All cancellations for which the deposit of 60 % of the total stay or package has been paid will result in the application of fees in relation to the date of cancellation and the date of departure.

  1. 12 months to 30 days before departure date : 60 % of the total cost of the stay or package
  2. 29 to 16 days before departure date : 100 % of the total cost of the stay or package
  3. 15 to 01 days prior to departure date : 100 % of the total cost of the stay or package

Sécuritour will reimburse the Client – minus transfer fee – in Canadian dollars, the difference between the amount received and the applicable cancellation fees , within a maximum period of 20 days after the registration of the cancellation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt . No cancellation is possible by fax, phone or contact us ( e -mail).

Article 5

All package strays and started and stopped or reduced, any benefit or service that is not consumed by the Customer for any reason whatsoever , can not under any circumstances give rise to a refund from Sécuritour . Similarly, Sécuritour reserves the right to disqualify any entrant to stay or package where it would reckless characterized putting his life or that of others in danger , especially in the case of excessive speed, not – respect for signaling in the slopes of non- compliance with the special instructions given by our guides , non -compliance with the rules of the road or driving under the influence of alcohol . This exclusion would occur after a first written warning sent to the Client against received and not acted upon . The exclusion does not result in a refund of the portion of the package or stay unfinished .

Article 6

Accommodation , the final itinerary and exact mileage are subject to change depending on the particular circumstances which may be incurred Sécuritour ( extreme weather access roads impassable , special hazards ) . In the event of such circumstances, Sécuritour agrees to make every effort to replace the service , activity or part thereof by a service, activity or some equivalent activity. In such a case , it can not be applied any markup or markdown of total stay or package . Similarly, no compensation can be claimed by the Client.

Article 7

A bond or deposit of  $ 3,500 CAN minimum depending the kind of sled to be paid by snowmobile in the case of a stay or snowmobile package . A deductible of $ 3,500  CAN depending the kind of sled apply if equipment damage . The deposit is payable on the first or second day after the management of the Client by Sécuritour and in all cases before the material being entrusted . The deposit may be paid either by blocking on VISA or MASTERCARD or in cash in U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars after applying the exchange rate against acknowledgment of receipt . No other method of payment is accepted . Refusal or inability to pay the deposit by the Client automatically entail the cancellation of the permit or plan to charge the Customer without it can not be asked to refund Sécuritour .

Article 8

Sécuritour holds a  liability insurance policy for $ 5 million Canadian dollars for the sled. Sécuritour does not include insurance or stays in its packages with the exception of insurance relating to the material assigned to the Customer. The Customer must personally take any about it. ( Personal accident insurance , repatriation, medical expenses, etc …)

Article 9

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that he is in possession of all documents to enable him to perform his first trip back to his place of residence in Canada and stay at least for the time specified and other activities included in the room or selected package (driver’s license or valid motorcycle auto ) . In case of doubt , the Customer should contact the Canadian Embassy in their country of residence for all administrative information.

Article 10

For stays or snowmobiling packages in the unlikely event there would be no snow in the province of Quebec , Sécuritour will reimburse 90 % of the total price of the vacation package or paid by the Customer , excluding schedules and travel . The refund would be made in Canadian dollars within 10 days from the initial date of end of stay or package .

Article 11

For snowmobile rentals … 18 to under 21 years : guidance required by a guide. From 21 customers have the choice to go alone ( e) or with a guide

Sauf mention expresse, tous nos prix sont établis et payables en dollars canadiens ($ CAN). Les valeurs exprimées en euros sont calculées à titre indicatif par application d’un taux moyen et le dollar canadien demeure l’unique devise de tarification et de paiement. Tous nos séjours et forfaits prennent effet et débutent sur le territoire canadien et sont soumis aux lois en vigueur au Canada et plus précisément à celles applicables dans la province du Québec. Le Client est responsable du transport de son lieu de domicile à l’aéroport de Québec ou de Montréal et retour. Il doit s’assurer que les vols aériens choisis lui permettent le respect des horaires de prise en charge fixés initialement par Sécuritour. En cas de retard à l’aéroport nécessitant la modification de la prise en charge initiale ou la mise en place d’une nouvelle prise en charge par Sécuritour ou le prestataire de son choix, le Client s’engage à en assumer la charge financière.