Ride with Guide – Short Ride

Lovers of action and open spaces…

Each winter, Quebec transforms into an enchanted place where snow covered countryside only waits to be explored… mount one of our exhilarating snowmobiles ! Take off for an adventure and discover the extensive countryside of Quebec.

In the company of our qualified guides, you will go to places where only the snowmobile can give you access. Escape from the routine and enjoy the largest track network in the world that Quebec offers (20,000 miles).


  • One-hour Ride

    A smooth path for initiation of an hour at snowmobiling.

  • Ride of Discovery
    (120 kms)

    With this trip of about 7 hours 30 minutes long, you'll discover 120 km of trails going through incredible snow-covered landscapes.

  • Ride of Zec Jaro
    (one day ride - 170 kms)

    Take a trip through a forest full of pines which will bring you on the edge of the Lac des Cygnes, in Beauce.

  • Ride of Cabane au Canada
    (one day ride - 145 kms)

    A ride in forest in incredible trails is going to bring you to an awesome wood camp where you'll enjoy a great typical meal from Quebec.

  • Ride of Massif du Sud
    (one day ride - 200 kms)

    A ride in forest is going to bring you in the Parc du Massif du Sud, which is renowned for its abundant snow and breathtaking scenery.